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Have your community event at The BHive

The BHive was created with the idea in mind that the Centre Wellington community could enjoy these spectacular rooms for various activities and meetings. When you are planning your next committee meeting, group night, creative activity or board meeting, think of the BHive!

Big Room (1).jpg

The Big Room

This is the perfect room for committee or board meetings! It's a large room with amazing lighting and a tv, allowing you to deliver a presentation well! This room also allows for physical distancing rules to be followed. Book this room today!

Room Capacity: 39 People


The Bee Room

This low lit room removes the clinical feeling of a counseling room and allows for a small group of people to collect. Some uses for this room could be tutoring, counseling, or just a fun games night!

Room Capacity: 8 People


The Cottage

Want a smaller room to sit and chat with someone? This is the perfect space for you! This rooms includes Muskoka chairs, great lighting, and turf flooring to allow for the best cottage experience!

Room Capacity: 8 People


The Greenhouse

This lounge space is perfect for you and a group of people to socialize and play games! The tv in this space also for a comfy movie night.

Room Capacity: 17 People


The 519

The industrial look of this room greatly influenced the name of this space. Whether it's arts and crafts, board games, or just having a chill space, this room is perfect for you and your next booking!

Room Capacity: 20 People


The Kitchen

A beautifully designed kitchen with all the supplies you need is exactly what you require for an amazing cooking or baking class. How are you going to make use of the kitchen?

Kitchen Capacity: 18 People

On Site Games and Activities

If you are interested in using any of these games during your Match Meeting at the BHive, please send a request to your mentoring coordinator.

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Games 5.jpg
Games 1 .jpg
Games 9_edited.jpg
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